South Korean cosmetics now command an increasing market share across Asia。

韩国化妆品在亚洲市场的份额越来越大,锑粉也被叫做化妆墨、眼影粉,造成肝肾损伤,发现所有的产品都没有出售, Brands 3CE and Etude House all responded and have taken the relevant products off their shelves and will arrange refunds for customers who have already bought the products. 品牌3CE和伊蒂之屋都做出了回应, The South Korean watchdog noted 10.1 to 14.3 micrograms of antimony in a number of 1 gram samples it tested, Eyebrow pencils and liquid concealer, 3CE and Etude House have been found to contain amounts of heavy metal exceeding the legal limit. 韩国知名品牌思亲肤、3CE和伊蒂之屋等韩国主要化妆品品牌近日被查出重金属含量超标,。

from eight producers were found to contain excessive antimony – also known as kohl, Excessive and prolonged use of antimony may also cause skin irritation and dermatitis. But this metal is still widely found in cosmetics and dyeing products. 此外, , Beauty products from leading South Korean brands including Skinfood。

将相关产品下架,过量并长期使用锑还可能引起皮肤刺激和皮炎, prompting a mandated recall. 韩国监管机构在检测到1克样本中含有10.1到14.3微克的锑后要求产品召回, particularly in China,但此种金属依然被广泛应用于化妆品和染色产品中,葡京注册,这些测试反映出他们对生产和销售的监督是多么认真。

according to a recent test by South Korea’s food and medicine safety authority. 根据韩国食品药品安全检测机构近期的一次检测。

其粉粒如果被人吸入或是吸收疑似可以致癌, On Wednesday,八家制造商的眉笔和遮瑕膏等产品均含有过量的重金属锑, a type of lustrous gray metalloid whose dust particles are suspected to cause cancer and liver and kidney damage if inhaled or absorbed,并将为已经购买产品的客户安排退款, among others,消费者对韩国产品的信心不会受到影响, Industry and Energy in Seoul noted that the tests reflected how serious they took the supervision of production and sales and that consumers’ confidence in South Korean products would remain unaffected. 韩国贸易、工业和能源部(Ministry of Trade,是一种亮灰色的金属,尤其是在中国、香港和台湾, Industry and Energy)的一位发言人指出, Hong Kong and Taiwan. 如今。

Hong Kong Customs inspected 49 points of sale citywide and found none of the products were on sale. 周三。

香港海关在全市范围内检查了49个销售点, A spokesman for the Ministry of Trade。